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ISO 14001 EMS

ISO14001 Environment Management System

Building sustainable harmony We believe that properties should be developed to harmonise and improve the environment. Guided by our commitment to create sustainable and optimal live-work-play environments, we have taken a proactive approach at all areas where our business activities have an environmental impact by integrating these concerns based on the international ISO 14001 EMS (Environment Management System) standards in forming our own set of environmental management systems.

Background of ISO 14001 EMSISO is the International Organisation for Standardisation. With a membership of 157 national standards institutes, it develops voluntary technical standards which ultimately safeguard end users and consumers. ISO 14001 EMS (Environment Management System) is an internationally accepted standard that addresses the delicate balance between managing environmental impact and business operations, as well as the continual improvement in environmental management and sustainable development. The aim of the standard is to reduce the environmental footprint, as well as the pollution and waste each business produces.

Our EMS Commitment and StandardAs a committed and environmentally responsible property developer, we establish and implement our environment management system based on the international ISO standard for all our property development operations. Furthermore, we work closely with our contractors to comply with our EMS requirements. To ensure the consistent and effective implementation of our EMS in accordance with the international ISO 14001 standard, we engage accredited certification bodies to perform external audits annually. As part of our continual efforts in improving the environmental performance of our property development operations, we aim to achieve 100% ISO 14001 EMS certification in all the cities that we are in.

Quick Facts:

We have achieved ISO 14001 EMS certification in all cities where our development operations are active.