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Keppel Land China continues its development in Chengdu - the most livable city in China, and dedicatedly designed Hill Crest Villas for elites and celebrities of the world. Hill Crest Villas is a luxury real estate located in suburban lower hills, representing Keppel’s top residential quality.

The site of Hill Crest Villas – Mumashan, is renowned as “the best villa location in Chengdu” and “the fourth pole of China’s villa areas”. Rich in both natural and cultural resources, Hill Crest Villas takes the best location and enjoys the top view. 

Hill Crest Villas represents perfect integration of romance, simplicity and elegance, magnificently creating your palaces on top the mountain. 

With master landscape creativity, the elements of sunshine, air, water, forest, stone and the natural hilly view are perfectly harmonized in Hill Crest Villas, making it as elegant and pure as royal manor.

As a wholly foreign funded real estate project, Hill Crest Villas has solid foundation and resource pool as backed by Keppel Land. With the plate form of World Chinese Entrepreneurs’ (Southwest China) Club, Hill Crest Villas provides you a worldwide influential social circle. 

Guided by advanced environmental friendly concept and global perspective, Hill Crest Villas endeavors to combine the essence of Oriental and Occidental cultures to develop the top villa residential area in the West of China.